Book Birthday, Freebie, and KU News!

Hi Everyone,

One year ago I hit publish on my first book ever!

I remember the butterflies and wondering if anyone was going to read it and what they would think about it. I was a ball of nerves and anxiety! I had no idea what I was doing. I was completely new to the industry. At this point I had never even really connected with readers or started a reader group. I was proud of my work though and was dying to share this story with someone.Turns out people did read it.

Happy 1st Book Birthday

Hearts and Bruises! 


Hearts and Bruises, the first book in the Hearts Series duet is #FREE
until March 21st.

If you haven’t yet, you can start the series today. 


Hearts and Bruises (Hearts Duet-Book 1) & Hearts and Flowers (Hearts Duet-Book 2) will be moving to Kindle Unlimited on March 21st.


Join me today, March 19th in The Next Step PR Facebook Blogger-Reader Group!

I’ll be popping in all day to help celebrate The Next Step PR’s 5th Birthday celebration. 

Join Group Here:

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