Darrian King


*Writing Inspiration (Landen Lucas) KU player 2014

Darrian King is the anit-hero of Hearts & Bruises. You’ll love to hate him and hate to love him. Since the story is told from Nora’s perspective we don’t see much from inside Darrian’s mind. He is meant to be an a**hole, arrogant, and dealing with his own demons. The kind of guy a sweet girl likes to save. He does have some redeeming moments and definitely gives the story some sizzle.

“You have no idea about anything, the responsibility, the demands, or that I’m handling it all.”

“Its good to be King.”

Nora Sutton


*Writing inspiration Picture

Nora is guarded and is used to moving….a lot. Hearts & Bruises begins with her journey to South Crest, California for her junior year of high school. She is strong on the outside and dealing with her issues on the inside. Beautiful, sweet, and new she soon catches the eye of the town’s major player (basketball player) Darrian King. He also is an a**hole of an anti-hero.

No matter how much I love him or want to fix him, I realize it’s better to accept that the King’s crown is jagged and tilted on his privileged head.”



Love the way you liealsoHearts & Bruises which releases this June (Sorry I don’t have an exact date yet) was largely inspired by Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie. I’m often inspired by songs, making my own stories up about them, then poof!… a character forms. While I loved the song the story and characters became more twisted in my mind. The setting turned to high school, the characters became young, reckless, and surrounded by temptation. Throw in adults who are too wrapped in their own drama and it was the perfect story line.  Love so bad it hurts. Addicting like drugs. I was able to dip into my psychology background and use the information I learned about addiction and the cycle of abuse to really bring the punches. *Pun intended*

Don’t worry though, while some of the material is questionable, and you may hate my characters at one point or a other,  I try my hardest not to trigger my audience. There is also important lessons about friendship, lessons on what love should be like, and the importance of education. So, while I credit this song for my original brain child, in the end this book has morphed into its own.  I’m so excited to share Nora and Darrian’s story with you soon.

-AM Brooks