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When your past comes crashing back into your life…

Graphic Artwork of Ciaran & Saylor

Graphic Artwork of Silas

#MNGirl Bonus Chapter 5 – Silas’ POV

Darrian’s Love Letter

When your past comes crashing back into your life…Love Note from A.M. Brooks. Which couple is this?

Midwest Boys Series Graphic Artwork by Cameo Renae

Ciaran & Saylor

Graphic Artwork of Ciaran & Saylor by Cameo Renae


Graphic Artwork of Silas by Cameo Renae

#MNGirl Chapter 5

Silas’ POV

         I shake my head denying what he’s telling me. There’s no way that this girl being here is going to be taken lightly. Her mom destroyed my family. Kelly took my dad and ripped him apart leaving him a broke, drunk, mess half the time and a blood crazed, revenge seeking, adrenaline seeker the next. She broke my mom’s heart and forced a wedge between my parents until my mom fled from us. Right now, Matt telling us we need watch out for Kelly’s daughter, that she’s Target Number One is an absolute fuck you to the way things work, if you ask me. Rage boils under my skin until my neck flushes a dull red. I can’t meet his eyes for the first time. It’s as if Matt is directing his words my way and ignoring everyone else.

         “What makes her number one?” Kai asks, his eyebrow raised and a cocky sneer pulls his lips. He looks as if he’s just asking but I know him better to know he’s information seeking. We aren’t being told everything and if I have to put up with Kelly’s daughter being here it better be for a life and death reason.

         “Her mom is Rogue. They were attacked and someone wants them dead,” Matt’s voice turns glacial. “When we take on a Target, no matter how you feel about it, the job comes first.”

         “Since her family has ties to Rogue why does she have to be a target?” Ciaran asks, his voice a few degrees colder than Matt’s. I feel insanely proud for a moment of my best friends. The guys I’d shed blood for and put my life on the line for. I’ve done it too. Just like they have for me.

         “She is because I say she is,” Matt forces the words between his teeth. My eyes flick to his quickly and as expected he’s looking at me as if this is my doing.

True, I saw red last night when she hopped out of his vehicle and caught us watching her. She couldn’t see us because Ciaran likes his windows tinted well above the legal percentage, but we saw her. Every five foot, pocket size of her. When she tilted her chin, almost daring someone to mess with her I made it my goal to do just that. A rivalry I didn’t know existed built in my chest.

“And her name is Saylor so enough with talking about her as if she doesn’t actually exist. Saylor is here and her safety is our job,” Matt stares each of us down.

Kai is the first to look away, Ciaran keeps his eyes locked forward, hands relaxed at his side, even while his jaw twitches. I fight to not smirk knowing we’re all on the same page. Her family is responsible for the pain of mine. Matt can threaten us all he wants. It won’t change the fact that Saylor, even her name is stupid, may be Target One but she’s also enemy number one. I may have to protect her but it doesn’t mean I have to play nice with her.

By the time Matt dismisses us we’re almost going to be late for school. Instead of hopping in with the guys I take off in my own truck. I need the distance to collect my thoughts and time to calm the storm that is brewing in me. My fists smack against the steering wheel and I crank I Prevail’s Hurricane until my ears ring. I don’t want her here. If she’s here there’s a chance her mom will follow. I swallow just imagining this is probably my dad’s dream come true. We were never enough, I was never enough. He always wanted Kelly. My mom’s vacant eyes staring at me, telling me we only had each other, haunt me whenever my eyes close. She never felt wanted by him so why should I feel loved by him, she would croon into my neck whenever she rocked me to sleep. That’s how I grew up. That’s what Saylor’s mom did to my family.

When my tires screech up to the building Ciaran and Kai are already waiting for me. Kai gives me a knowing look, because the fucker can read minds practically. Ci watches me until he knows if we’re going to make it thru the day or if he needs to start building my alibi already. I huff out a long breath, deciding to spare them both from my bullshit.

“Does she realize trolls have purple hair?” I laugh, trying to bring us all back to zero. That’s always been my job, surprisingly enough.

Ci snorts, “Who the hell tries to blend in and decides purple hair is the way to go.”

I see Kai side-eye Ci before turning back to me, “She’s no Serena Van der Woodsen but she’s pretty. Think she may attract the wrong attention?”

My gaze follows to where his eyes flicked and land on Bentley Rhodes, who up until today was Target Number One. My eyes skate over the egotistical jock whose gaming some junior named Cassidy right now.

“We can deal with it if and when we need to,” Ci answers, and I notice the way his gaze has zeroed in on Rhodes as well. Out of the three of us, I may be larger in size but Ciaran can be straight up scary and cold. When he fights, his demons take over. When you  mean nothing to him he treats you as if you are nothing but wasted air

“Did you really say pretty?” I scoff at Kai, ignoring his Gossip Girl reference, trying to tamper down the mood vibing off Ci. Saylor is pretty but does nothing for me.

 “So, are we really doing this then?” Kai rolls his eyes, slipping out of the line of fire.

“Matt’s not giving us a choice,” I grunt, walking around then and heading for the doors. They soon reach my side and we breeze in.

Heads turn and most snap back to what they were doing. So many lives we already protect and keep hidden. My mind runs through the checklist of our order of Targets daily, placing a face to the name so I can check them off at school. Once everyone is accounted for the rest of my day gets smoother. I plan to zone out completely and not worry about the problem waiting at Matt’s house.

My plan lasts for half the day before a line of texts from my dad start pouring in. My hearing feels muffled and nights of him acting like the child and me having to be the adult flash before my eyes.

Dad: Have you see her?

Dad: Did her mom come with her?

Dad: What about Calvin?

Dad: Tell im Matt to pickj up hiss fucing phonr.

His last one is a complete mess and I know he’s probably wasted, hating that he’s far away on a job and Saylor is here. He doesn’t even care about her daughter, another man’s daughter, he only cares about her.

The bell rings and I’m out of my seat before anyone stands. I make the split decision I’m done for the day and fire off a quick text to the guys. If my attendance is an issue they will deal with it. I fire off two more texts before getting into my truck. One to Matt telling him to calm his lap dog down and the other to Aria. With Savage Lakes so filled with Rogue members or Targets I choose to mess around with girls outside of town. After a fight over in a neighboring town Aria walked up to me, wound her talons around my bicep, and well she never let go.

 I do not do relationships. I will never get married or be with someone long term. I’ve seen too many fucked up relationships and was a casualty of my parents. Aria is a good time and is down for anything. She knows how I feel about her and she made me aware I’m just a big F-U to her rich, stuck up father who thinks anyone outside the triple figure tax bracket is scum.

I pick her up outside her school, her skirt hitched so high on her legs that I briefly think she has to be cold, and her bag is slung over her shoulder. Her glossy smile is wide and mischievous as I pull up to the curb. She opens the door and hops in, legs rub against each other and already it’s on. I can feel blood pumping in my veins, the adrenaline coursing with the anger and resentment I felt earlier. It’s a mixture that leaves me feeling reckless. When her hand slips to my leg, I find the quickest pull off I can, realizing we aren’t making it to my house.

My tires hit the gravel and we bounce along. I almost skid past the first exit when I see Matt’s Bronco sitting in the empty lot. My eyes narrow when I realize who’s inside. My lips curl, but I back up and pull into the parking space a few down from her.

Saylor’s eyes are closed, her fingers drumming against her knee that rests against the steering wheel. She looks comfortable and relaxed, two things which she doesn’t deserve.

“What if she sees us?” Aria, whispers in my ear, her eyes darting from Saylor to me.

“She won’t notice,” I lie, hoping that she does. I want to make her uncomfortable. I need the chance to show her how little she means and that no one here cares about her feelings. We’ll protect her but she is hated.

“Get up and bend over,” I turn to Aria. She sucks in a breath and bites her bottom lip. Of course she would get off on that.

Aria does what I ask spinning in her seat and resting with her hands on the passenger seat. Somewhere along the way her shirt fell to the floor, the girl never wears a bra, and her skirt is bunched around her waist. I wrap up and position behind her, diving in with one thrust. The thing about Aria is that she’s a screamer. Loud, porn actress worthy noises, come out of her mouth. Usually it turns me on, today it just sounds annoying. I use my free hand and crank my radio up. My windows rattle from the bass, my fingers grip Aria’s waist, and I try to keep my concentration on watching my dick slide into her pussy but my eyes keep flicking back to the Bronco.

Teeth gritted, I roll the window down, my hand grabbing the glass as leverage. Aria’s foot hits the horn, and Saylor’s face snaps to my truck finally realizing what’s been happening around her. I keep going, taking immense pleasure in the fact that I knocked the princess down a peg, rattled her cage, and opened her eyes. I don’t wait for Aria to finish. After I come I slip out my door, ignoring her pout, and slip my jeans back up. I round the front and… BAM. Our eyes collide. I see Saylor’s cheeks flush with embarrassment. I slip my shirt back on, never breaking eye contact. I stare at her, every feeling of fear, being unwanted and being unloved, every lashing, every spank, grip to my cheeks, broken booze bottles, and windows I’ve climbed out of, I project at her. I want to tear her down. I lived through hell. She may not be her mother but she’s a great substitute for her. I hate her.

Her eyes are glued to mine and she doesn’t notice the subtle flick of my wrist or the little present I’m leaving on her vehicle. I stomp back to my truck, aware that Saylor’s eyes haven’t left me, and I get in. Aria is dressed again, gum popping in her mouth.

“You know her?” She asks, her smile faltering, thinking she may have competition.

“No,” I grunt, “Just some sick chick who gets off on voyeurism apparently.”

“Ew,” Aria’s nose scrunches.

I slam the truck in drive and kick up dust as I head back to the main road. My eyes glance to the rearview mirror right as Saylor’s door opens and she hops out. I smirk, knowing what she’s about to see. I almost wish I had stayed just to see her reaction when she realizes what it is. You don’t fuck with me or my family and not expect to face the consequences.

#MNGirl by A.M. Brooks © 2020

This POV was created for Silas fans. It is not part of the original book. This chapter is unedited and not proofread. Read at your own risk. On that note, I hope you enjoyed it! Can’t wait to being you more in #SummerGirl coming 2021. 

Darrian’s Love Letter

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